Morning by Morning (11/3)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. The Duomo in Florence, Italy.  This morning I saw an outline of a hotel in the fog and I was reminded of the dominating aura of the Duomo over Florence, and for the joy I had climbing those steps and walking through that cathedral when I lived there.
  2. Adam Boatz, a friend from church.  He also has a role as stepfather and a father too and shares similar experiences.  I love being able to hang out, talk football, talk crazy parent stories, and just be dads (and drink a beer!).  He is a good man and thoughtful man, and a good dad/stepdad.
  3. Waking up when it is light outside.  I mean, I love waking up “later” and not completely feeling like it is 5 in the morning.
  4. Beautiful blue sky this morning!

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