Morning by Morning (10/28)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. Aiden, who is worth fighting for.  I really enjoyed talking baseball with him- talking pitching strategy, location of pitches, who not to run on, who to advance on, and just talking baseball period.  It’s fun to watch him learning the small parts of the game.
  2. Baseball.  It is one of my earliest loves and I love watching playoff games.  It is so fascinating and enthralling to me.  It’s just magical and I am so grateful to have something that I find so fun.  I used to pick up a bat and just swing, and now I still Ron time to time write baseball stats because I still think they are fun and tell stories.  Just love baseball.
  3. Billye Sims and the faithful people from church who are so often taking care of her and looking after her (the Tucker’s, Sara George, Sandifers…to name a few) through this time of dementia.  She has declined so much, and she has not been able to be at church in a while.  Yet her presence is missed and appreciated, and those who care for her with faithfulness and perseverance and joy are blessed indeed.
  4.   For Ryan learning to clean at an early age! 

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