Morning by Morning (10/23)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. Aunt Linda! I don’t know where to begin to express gratitude for her, but I will say that she has always loved and cared.  I have always felt her concern for what is going on in my life, and she really does share in the sadness and share in the joys as well as anyone I know.  Another thing I appreciate about her is the way she has carried on as a parent with honesty and joy! I love you Aunt Linda!
  2. Mike Moore, my uncle! Buffalo Bills.  New York Yankees.  Determined and straightforward.  Faithful.  Those are his gifts to me.  He has taught me to have a determined and active faith, and that the body of Christ (the church) should be a fun loving people. His friendship has meant a lot and I have much to learn from him still.  And now I also root for those lovable Bills all the time too!
  3. Chris Moore- hey cousin, you are a gift from God. Today I just marvel at the adult you are becoming and the simplicity and pure heart with which you take on life.  Thank God for you and all you are teaching us still.

Praise Gid for the Moore family!


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