Morning by Morning (10/21)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. A boss and colleagues who understand that I missed my alarm and woke up 45 minutes late! Instead of 5:30 I woke up at 6:15, which is normally when I leave!
  2. Dr Tyler, a (former!) professor at Pepperdine who taught the best class on John I can imagine, and who also taught a great Pauline lit class.  He was a funny professor- (talking about different kinds of ‘Geshicte’- “Well, it’s all bull geschicte to me.” But most memorable right now is when I overslept after studying late and missed the start of the Pauline lit final that was at 8am. I ran into that final 45 late with a major crease across my face from the pillow I just woke up from 5 min earlier.  I still remember Dr Tyler’s smile and laugh when he saw me and then handed me the final!
  3. Michael Bell! My best man and The Man when it comes to music and movies, not sports! I haven’t been able to hang much with him because he’s been out of town a bit, butbinalwaysook forward to hanging out with him because he brings wisdom and a wee bit of wit. Just a good man and a good father!

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