Morning by Morning (10/18)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. Olga, who watches, teaches and befriends my son Ryan during church and bible class.  He has a comfort level with her that is phenomenal and is a relaxer for me. Praise God for her!
  2. Belinda, my mother in law.  She watched Ryan (and Aiden sometimes too) through the weekend for us and did so with the usual compassion, care and 110% into being present with her grandson.  Her effort allowed us rest, and her love is just a continuing blessing and I don’t take it lightly!
  3. My bed.  Oft unappreciated and shown little love, I am about to give it plenty of work tonight knowing it is soft and familiar and it is at home!
  4. More great fall weather- for a wedding in Louisiana, for Ryan and Aiden to play outside, and just to sit outside and enjoy.  We have had such great weather lately and I am taking notice for sure.  I even love the crisper coolness of the morning that sometimes makes me think about a light jacket!

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