Morning by Morning (10/17)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. Shelley Goldy, one of my aunts.  Happy birthday today! I am so glad that you have been part of Uncle Fred’s life and that you have raised awesome kids in Brittany and DJ.  I have always admired how Fred and Shelley deal with life and how easy going and good natured they are.  I hope Elana can reflect their personality even a little in our marriage!
  2. Christopher Moore, one of my cousins.  One day I just nicknamed him ‘Click’ and it has stuck ever since.  Chris has taught me a lot about loyalty and patience and what family really means.  I love when I get to go home at Christmas time and see Chris.
  3. Elliot and Sydney.  Today is their wedding day and we are in Louisiana to celebrate this day with them.  Now I don’t know Elliot from Adam, and I know Sydney a little as she is one of wife’s best friends and she was in our wedding.  But one thing I know is that my wife has fun when she is with Sydney and also that one of the funnest weekends we ever had as a couple was here in Alexandria with Sydney. I appreciate her friendship with my wife, her single mom toughness, and now I share a kinship with Elliott and step dads of young boys with crazy baby daddies.  Thanks Sydney for your fun loving personality (all wrapped up in a small package!) and may you and Elliott be blessed in your marriage for many years.

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