Morning by Morning (10/12)

My morning gratitude for:

  1. Mikey Weesner, the maid of honor at my wedding and wife’s best friend.  She is compassionate, caring, and devoted my children (and any others too).  She goes out of her way many times and because of the way she self sacrifices, is a reflection of Gods love more than she will ever know. But she is more than that and hopefully sees herself beyond that.  She is  both loyal and open, and a woman of God which I pray she continues to live into.
  2. Mike Pena, a freshman year friend from Pepperdine.  You know, we both didn’t quite “fit” the Pepperdine rich kid perception.  We were both first to college in our poor to low middle class families.  He drove a beat up ’87 Honda and I had a ’84 Chevy Pickup amongst BMW’s and Audi’s and brand new cars.  But we had a lot of fun together, especially though our epic 1 on 1 basketball games.  Two larger men (I was heavyweight back in those days) playing one on one pretending to be studs and talking up the sports world.  Gotta love it!
  3. Chris Ng, who was a dorm mate my senior year and one to whom I acted as a shepherd in official form of Spiritual Life Advisor to the dorm.  Great conversations about life and challenging me in how I thought and represented my faith.  We still maintain some friendship through Facebook. I really appreciate his reasoning and thoughtful reflection.  And he’s from Boston so I loved his accent and endured his Red Sox love fest!

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