Morning by Morning (10/6)

My morning gratitude for…

  1. Rocking my son Ryan to sleep in the middle of the night.  Wait?!? Thankful for waking up in the middle of the night with a crying baby? Actually, there are moments where I am grateful for those moments.  Ryan is helplessly tired and he finds comfort in my arms.  It’s a previous feeling, even if it is a fleeting moment when he starts crying again.  But it is a moment when I get to feel the deep reality, you are my son, I am your father, and you are beloved. Beautiful! (This happened last night by the way!)
  2. Joshua Deschenes- he was my summer roommate during my Lifeline summer in 2005.  That was a super fun summer and he was a great part of that.  Commuting from Missouri City…introducing me to Taco Cabana…making sweet tea…getting into trouble with our host home with cooking wine! Lol!
  3. Mark Weesner- a good friend who I am always relaxed around.  When we play golf, or attend Texas A&M games, he is always at peace and it’s contagious.  I just love having fun with him!

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