My little workbench!

Thanks to my dad for helping me get started, to my father in law for providing some power tools, and to Elana and my mom for providing some childcare for me to do it- I made my own workbench!

A full day’s work over two weekends (because of power tool needs, otherwise a four hour project), three levels (two for storage) and very sturdy.  I must say I am proud and very satisfied with being able to work on and complete this project.  The happiness project calls for tackling one project a week, and this is one hell of a project for me, the non mechanical type. And I got to do it with my dad, who I idolize about his handyman capabilities.  I learned a great deal in this small project about the importance of quality, even in my simple weekend DIY projects.  (I know, this is all very silly for some of you that are quite handy and small potatoes for the hands on folks out there.  Oh well!) Some quick pics! Thanks family! 



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