While I am on Lenten gratitude highs as it were…

How can I not proclaim the awesomeness of Stanton’s City Bites in Houston? I mean, they usually got a great drink selection (both brews and non alcoholic), 9 fantastic burger choices, better than decent fries, and some really great owners and service. And did I mention the burgers?!?! My heart starts fluttering every time I even hear that I get to go this place. The meat is top notch and the burger buns/bread are tremendously delicious….I could really go again tonight even though I just had it this afternoon…wow!

So….I had a Cowboy Brunch today with all the normal trimmings plus an egg and fried pickles on Texas toast. Unbelievably good.

The Miss Piggie with bacon and candied bacon is legit awesome.

The Spicy Chipotle may be one of the best burgers I have had.

Even the kids meal chicken tenders are raging good- I can’t wait for my son not to finish his meal so I can eat it the following day (or for a snack the same day).

And I can’t help but love the place anyway- Elana and I held our wedding rehearsal dinner there and they went all out of their way to make it an awesome night including decorating with string lights (that are still up by the way), sweet fruit trays, shutting down the place…and the owner and manager now say hi and chat with us every time we visit.

Seriously, if you are in Houston, it’s worth visiting cause the food is awesome and the peeps are even better!


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