Just another Saturday

Just a Saturday. Just another Saturday morning and I am just enjoying sitting around, being lazy, watching Aiden and Leo play while Elana and I do our best to read. It’s a rainy day, one that invites some rest, some napping, and probably some unhealthy eating habits.

But it is a day that leaves me grateful. I have the clothes to wear on a cool or rainy day that make it a relaxing day. I have the possessions at home to make it a passable day- a TV to watch March Madness, toys for Aiden and friend Leo to occupy themselves with for hours, multiple beds so that people can take naps on their own (cause sleeping is a fury of moving parts in our household), a soda to sip, movies galore to watch, a computer to play or work on, a car to get me to fun activities…and those are the basics. I have the money to spend to inject some fun into the day such as a burger at the best place ever Stanton’s, or crawfish for my pregnant but always nuts over crawfish wife…I have the job and cash to allow it. I have good food to snack on and all sorts of other things to make me and many others happy. They are all nice things. And I am grateful for them all!

I don’t think they are the blessings of God themselves, seeing as I believe that God doesn’t bestow material possessions for faith. But, within them all I find gratitude and small semblance of happiness that allow me to see what I am really happy about, friends, family, and a wonderful presence of God at its foundation. I could have all the former and be without the friends family and God and not be happy. Or I could have none of it and still have friends family and God. But as life has it at this very moment of my life, which in and of itself is a gift of moments, I have the surrounding of friends and family, a God who loves me, and all sorts of the other resources (money, clothes, possessions, food, health, etc) to live it out through. And I am indeed grateful for it all, especially for the family, the friends, and the love of God.


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