Waking up grateful…

So yesterday I went to this conference and one of the presentations was about mind and body wellness. Particularly, the speaker asked everyone to start their mornings before even getting up from the bed by thinking of 5 people, letting their image come to mind, and acknowledging our gratitude for them. Short, like 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

It sure is different waking up like that. At least it gives my mind a whole lot less room to carry the frustrations, the chaos, the ups and downs from the previous month, week, day night or even sleep. And it gives my mind something to focus on while I do get ready. And it’s at least more positive! I liked it, and whether or not it’s something I do every day, I can appreciate it.

Who was I grateful for? Wouldn’t you like to know?! But the point that I noticed is that it reminded me of the goal of the day- to be happy. Mornings are probably my toughest time to be happy. I really don’t like them at all. They start in darkness and I usually get up first so it’s already blah. Plus, who really wants to wake up? I wake up and the twenty tasks before me begin. I wake up and remember the stress around my life. I wake up and get caught by the freight train of hopes, desires, wants, frustrations, disappointments. You do it too! But today, being grateful for these people allowed just a small sense of starting the day with a measure of happiness.

That’s nice. Thank you Joe, Mikey, Glenn Harper, my uncle Mike and Elana for a little blessing this morning. And thank you to the other 5’s that will come!


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