What Shall Separate Us From God?

So today, we lost three kids in our ICU.

But it wasn’t a terrible overwhelming sad day. I got to baptize one of the kids, a little infant, sweet and cute as can be.

During that baptism and prayer, I mentioned the Romans passage where Paul asks, “What can separate us from the love of God…neither death nor life…angels not demons…height or depth…can keep us from the love of God” (I don’t know it by heart so forgive the errors). Well, when I was praying I thanked God that he gave this boys parents the ability to be a sign of Gods permanent and unhindered presence. A parents presence can be God’s love, and even in the presence of death the tangible sign of God’s love is what holds that baby, are the tears that fall on the baby’s cheeks, are the hands that caress the hair of that dying child or wash his body or even the arms that bind and swaddle that child in preparation for a funeral director.

It’s that presence that is the most basic sign for me that God isn’t far. That God is love, and that God’s love is far greater than the depths, the powers, the demons, and the deaths we face. I am privileged to be a sign of that now with Aiden. Amen and hallelujah!