So I have realized lately that I don’t really have a hobby.

I play with Aiden when I get off work, I play with Aiden on the weekends, I attend church and Aiden’s baseball games, I go out to eat and do date days with my wife.  I do lots of outside things like housework and sports, and certainly not regularly.  But I have no hobbies.

I don’t read.  In fact, I can think of few things that I want to do less than read.  I do it once in a while but that is about it.

I don’t crochet, knit, cross stitch, watch chick flicks, blog (much), build glass ships, stamp collect, or build model cars.  I used to collect baseball cards, when I was 12. Haven’t looked since.

I am kinda a boring person.  I am people person and just want to be around people.  But I need to fill my alone with something, and not filling to the point of not ever having time, but I would like to have some options that draw me.

You know, I think I might have found a substitute.  Sports!  Seriously, I need to watch more sports.  I love watching postseason baseball.  I love listening to baseball playoff radio.  I love watching NBA basketball and NFL football.  I mean, its a golden experience to listen to Orel Hershiser calling a game online.  Now, I used to be the kind of guy who couldn’t get away from sports, but I worked on that to the point that I don’t even care to watch and have spent the last couple years watching almost zero sports.  But I miss it.  I really do.  Not the commercials or anything like that.  But its great!  It may not be a hobby, but I love it!


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