Please Don’t…

Random post from random thoughts and experiences from my day.

1.  Please don’t leave your kids unattended, unwatched, or un-floatied (put floaties on their arms) around a pool.  Seriously.  After time number 15 or 16 at my hospital I thought people might get it.

2. Please don’t let your TV just hang out all wobbly and fall worthy.  Seriously, 45,000 injuries happen every year to children from electronics and appliances, mostly from falling TV’s.  Not joking.  See plenty of them as well.

3.  Please don’t take your child’s health for granted.  When I see a mother holding her little baby’s eyeball in place because of a syndrome that pops the eye out when she cries, I immediately wish other parents were more than appreciative for their childs health.

4.  Please don’t get frustrated with your kids to the point that you slap or shake them.  That is stupid and it is child abuse.  More deaths from child abuse this summer than I could count on my hands so far.  And help educate others.  We often don’t have other alternatives to helping a child because we never saw it as kids.  And pleas don’t tell me after you slapped your child causing her head trauma that “my parents slapped me half way round the yard and i’m fine.”

5.  Please don’t try to talk people out of their feelings.  Like when I say I made someone very angry with me, even when I was well meaning, and you try to tell me I shouldn’t feel bad because it was well meaning and they misunderstood.  Tell me that we aren’t always on the top of our game and that it is okay to make mistakes and hurt from them for a little bit and then learn from them.

6.  Please don’t forget to thank the people that make an impact.  Laziness and the pretension of busyness might fool you.  It does me quite often.

7.  Please don’t be afraid.  There are places where that may be okay for a little bit of time.  But don’t be afraid to take a chance.  Don’t be afraid of responsibility.  You see, I write this for myself more than anyone else.  It is easy to be afraid instead of confidence, torn rather than decisive, unintentional rather than intentional.  I struggle often with this too.  

8.  Please do laugh.  Please laugh.  Oh my goodness laugh.  Laugh or the pains of life might just eat at you and me.  Laugh well.


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