Doing Yardwork

Wow.  I like that.  Got to weed and mow a fairly large front and back yard today, and not just any front or back yard.  It was my yard (well, technically the house is rented but I am no longer a college kid in a rented house with a bunch of college friends).  It was my yard and it needs to look like I want it to look.

It was actually kind of fun, and stress relieving, to sweat through a whole yard and cleaning the backyard with tree cutters, and sweeping the remaining cut grass.  Yeah, I am a little weird.  And don’t put it past me to consider it nostalgic when I get to smell the gasoline.  But it certainly felt good to do some physical work as my mind has been dealing with the grueling emotional and mental work the past couple weeks.

Doing yardwork was also a little special because I had the same kind of nostalgia for when me and Jeremy Hegi would do yardwork back in Abilene, and after every yardwork afternoon we would go and get a burger from DQ or Sonic or something like that.  It brought back those kinds of strange and not that distant past memories.  But what was really funny was how many times I was doing something with the refrain in mind, “My dad would kill me if he knew I wouldn’t do ____.”  Things like weeding by hand and getting upset by the little tiny green shoots coming out of the ground, sweeping the driveway of the clippings, clipping trees instead of just mowing and weeding.

A good day indeed.

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