Life in the Hospital…Again!

Wow.  It has been a long time since being in the hospital doing the cool chaplain things.  Well, 4 months.  That’s a long time for me.  But it is good to be back and doing my thing again.

You see, the truth is, I have a crazy cool life.

There.  I said it.  I have a crazy cool life.  And it is a gift.

It is a gift that on my first orientation day I got to learn a lot of cool things about Texas Children’s, like that we have the biggest NICU in the world (175 beds, give or take a few).  Or that there are at least 9000 employees at Texas Children’s.  Or that we are one of the greatest Children’s Hospitals year in and year out in U.S. News and World Report Rankings.

I have a crazy cool life.  On my second day of orientation at TCH (Texas Children’s Hospital), I got a sweet tour of the newest and greatest facility for welcoming babies and their sweet (and oft overloaded) mothers.  In fact, the TCH Pavilion for Women that opens up 141 inpatient beds this coming Monday has to be one of the sweetest 550 million  dollar projects ever.  They have hotel like rooms, extra long couches that turn into beds for both short and tall husbands.  Beds to order that are queen size (although there is a limit of beds available at that size).  Antepartum conference rooms that are big enough and comfortable enough to let antepartum mothers there for weeks and months a chance to get away and have baby showers and other stuff.  The Labor and Delivery floor bathrooms have whirlpool tubs, which are also present for mothers who want to deliver in water (I am not sold on that myself but the option is there!).  It is a beautiful and absolutely gorgeous place- and I am not joking when I say that every room where patients stay in the Pavilion have giant windows with beautiful views- every room then shares a wall with the outside wall which is only glass.  Awesome!

I have a crazy cool life, in spite of the long days and crazy amounts of information I am learning and not learning in these last few days.  Unbelievable amount of info but fun.

I have a crazy cool life.  On the third day on the job I got to share in a visit (the only visit I have gotten to make so far) with a mother and her 5 month old, whom I will call Ryan.  Sociable, pleasurable, people loving, big smiles baby boy.  Kid had seizure activity and mom was anxious and questioning everything about his development.  I didn’t visit with the mom since I was sharing the visit with another chaplain at the time, but I got to play with that 5 month old.  Seriously awesome.  It was good to be back doing my thing.  Babbling with a 5 month old, letting Ryan take up my fingers and teethe, or bounce around with my arms and just hold and look at my hands as though they were some wondrous creation.  Doing my thing, enjoying life with a baby whose smile and pleasure with me and my hands- that was the greatest hand blessing I could ever receive and a wonderful welcome to my job.  And that moment, Ryan holding my fingers in his hands and smiling and bouncing joyously- that is when I realized, I have a crazy cool life.  And it is a gift.

Praise be to God for a crazy cool life at Texas Children’s Hospital.


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