A View From Above

Downtown Riverside and Riverside's sprawl

Today I got to walk up Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside.  It is a pretty large hill in the middle of Riverside (it is a big city by the way) and it is a very popular place to walk and play and ride bikes.  At the top there are three notable things- a giant cross celebrating Fr. Junipero Serra, rock formation with a flag pole on the opposite top of the mount, and on the side of the mount, a World Peace Bridge and Tower that are actually quite interesting.  The views are beautiful and are great reminders of how big the world is, and how small life is down there.  Downtown is beautiful and the prominent presence of trees really imbibes a wonderful feel of nature.  It really does provide a view from above.

And, it is quite reminiscent of Jesus’ temptation when presented with the whole world.  I can imagine a place like this where Jesus would be offered it all for a trade in loyalty.  Offered the whole world for giving up the truth that all of “that creation” belonged to someone else.  The view from above is once again a simple reminder that it all belongs to God, as do all the lives that continue amongst that creation.  Praise be to God for the chances to have a view from above.

A cross atop Mt. Rubidoux commemorating Fr. Junipero Serra

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