Island Time

Tonight, I spent the evening with a former coworker and CPE resident, Tom Bain, and his precious wife, Jillian, out at Galveston where they live.  They are precious, beautiful people whom I feel a great friendship and Christian love.  Tom is experiencing the same anxiety looking for hospice jobs as I am, and his wife is actively pursuing God’s ministry and call in her life too.  These are people that I share similar experiences and desires, and whom I know will speak honestly and lovingly about their lives and mine.

As me and Tom shared the anxiety of our job search, they affirmed my call to ministry and chaplaincy in particular, and as we talked about the bizarre and strange opportunities and ways God would bring fruition to his calling (i.e. jobs, volunteer work), we talked about what the waiting game meant.  As we reflected, the waiting and anxiety offers firsthand insight into the waiting rooms and patient and family waiting in hospitals that is certainly dreaded with great fear- so in a sense my waiting for a job makes us better ministers who can further empathize.  As we reflected, we noted that waiting was an opportunity to pursue God in different ways- perhaps doing a spiritual retreat, perhaps reading Scripture more fully, perhaps reconnecting to others in different ways like volunteering- a true opportunity to find and see God in ways I would not otherwise as a full time hospital chaplain.  As we reflected, I even had the opportunity to hear God’s prophetic word in my life.  Jillian offered that with the experiences I have had with children and teens in crisis, that perhaps God was not only forming me into standard hospital chaplaincy, but molding me into working with children/teens in crisis as a permanent part of my life and maybe a true career too.  It is something that is good feedback on what my life has reflected, as I have enjoyed mentoring, connecting, meeting kids in crisis.   Maybe this feedback will encourage growth towards being certified in Child Life work, or getting certified in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing/Management where certified leaders help in massive traumas, events, or disasters (i.e. after a tornado destroys Joplin, after Hurricane Katrina, after a shooting at a school…).  I will look forward to where that prophetic word becomes reality in my life in the kingdom of God!  All good reflection as you can see, and al valuable as part of a true friendship where I find kindred spirits.

And that’s part of island time.  They live on the island.  They move by a different schedule- the infamous slow island time.  And they have used it to become attuned to God, and just be really good people.  And I am grateful for that!  But while I mention island time, I must mention that we went to dinner.  And you can’t beat island time when you walk a couple blocks to dinner, which is located right on the water (as you will see the sight as we get closer):

Galveston beach and Casey's Restaurant just to the right

And Casey’s was wonderful too.  Honey-pecan vinaigrette on a appetizer salad.  Firehouse #4 as my drink.  Grilled and blackened tilapia with blackened shrimp and blackened sea scallops, and a side of veggies.  Really really good.  Loved it.  Can’t beat seafood when you are eating right in front of the water!

So as it were, good food, great friends, at a slow and enjoyable pace- and God in the midst of it all.  Can’t beat island time.


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