Beauty and….God.

I am struck this morning in Galveston by the beauty of the beach. The beauty of gentle waves retreating back into the water. The rich beauty of a fresh sun reflecting it’s rays off the soft swells of water. The beauty of a deep silence as nature and birds rouse for their daily dance before the sun. It simply is amazing. I am struck by beauty perceived by the senses of sight and sound and smell. The ocean beckons with it’s cal of gentility, refreshment, life, and a touch of the divine.

Hearing the rolling waves, watching roused birds traveling the skies toward the beach, and taking in the beautiful stillness emerging from the ocean and sky, it is hard not to see God in the beauty. God is found in the beauty of life- especially for someone like me who is driven by my senses and perception. I find in beauty the touch and mark of the one who is beautiful. But more than finding God as beautiful, I find God in the beauty, because beauty reflects peace, contentment, and awe. God will be where I see those things. I find God in the beauty of this ocean because I see God working towards this end in our lives- seeking to allow peace and beauty within the rising and setting of my life. God wants us to see the beauty of creation and wonder with awe at what beauty will be wrought in our lives. God wants us to see the beauty, because I find myself fully content there and I find God there!


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