The Symphony

I thought this was interesting.  I went to the Symphony on Friday night and listened to two Mozart pieces and a third piece called Scheherazade by Rimsky Korsakov (correct me if I’m wrong!). Well, let me describe how I felt attending that symphony:

As the music started playing I felt lightened, and I smiled with one of the more peaceful smiles I have ever had, and my heart genuinely floated when hearing the music.  I was taken into another world it seems.  It was sheer amazing!

You see, this is not the first symphony I have ever attended but I feel this way every time.  And for someone who didn’t really do a whole lot of music when younger, it is an experience that is new and fresh.  I can’t tell a Mozart piece from any other composer or musician.  I don’t know notes, can’t understand what makes pieces so complex or how the music is even composed.  But it all sounds beautiful.  This kind of music touches me so deeply because it is where I find God’s beauty manifested in great ways.  The harmony, the play between deep dark notes and lighter ones, the blast of Scheherazade- it is as though God is speaking to me calming and soothing words.  That’s what is so special.  I don’t know classical music, but I feel classical music.  Just about all symphonic pieces do this for me.  I find the release, the pure and genuine joy there.  I think it is really about the experience of hearing these incredible instruments.

As I reflect more, this reminds me of the pure joy I find when I am connected to others and to God.  I feel so special, like floating, when I am connected to others because it s evidence of the greater beauty of God.  Hearing an instrument reflect God’s beauty reminds me of how us humans, and myself, can reflect God’s beauty when used to the greatest of ability- we play ourselves and make a beautiful noise that makes my heart flutter.  I certainly love the Symphony and this music and how it brings a sense of joy, peace and beauty of God- but I love it even more when it is people who in being who they are reflect that same joy, peace, and beauty of God!


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