Simple and Good…

So today, I made Sauteed Chicken with a Mustard Cream Sauce with a side of sauteed mushrooms with thyme.  Fantastic recipe.  It is a wonderful meal, all around.  The mustard cream is not too powerful but has a strong and sweet flavor too.  The mushrooms are incredible- and frankly, I love sauteed mushrooms.  It’s just good meal.  I got it from the Meal Planning 101 website which is reliable and really good every time.  So far I have made the Chicken Vindaloo-Korma, the Italian Sausage Soup, and now the Sauteed Chicken and mushrooms.  Nonetheless, all of these meals are manageable, both simple and good.

By the way, I just love food.  If you haven’t yet figured it out, I live to eat and form my schedule thinking about my upcoming meals more than my upcoming schedule.  Food offers both variety and adventure- but the real deal about it is that cooking and going out to eat at ethnic places allows me to find my ultimate pleasure beyond variety and adventure- incredible experience.  The experience of tasting a wonderful cream sauce or trying a spice laden dish or tearing apart a seared and spiced chicken or twirling Napolitano spaghetti and sauce around my fork are precious experiences.  Experiences of the world, experiences f cultures- and experiences of life really.  All because of good cooking and eating.  Not a bad deal really.  And it is all really fun!


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