D & D.

On every Wednesday at the hospital, one of the chaplains is supposed to provide for Donuts and Devotional.  It doesn’t always have to be donuts- and it never will be with me.  The first time I baked a sausage frittata and pumpkin muffins, and this time I will be providing bagels from the Jewish bakery, New York Bagels, and whipped cream cheese.  Those bagels might just be the best in the city hands down.  But this is not what I wanted to write about.

I am stuck, as usual, on the devotion side of things.  What I believe I have settled on are two options: my favorite picture and inviting reflection on dreams and risks (its a picture I have posted before), or a talk-through one of my own dreams realized, dream left open scene of my scrapbook from my year in Florence.  The scrapbook isn’t finished, and partially because I started at the end of the trip and shortly thereafter my grandmother passed and I just didn’t have the heart to start my scrapbook again.  But it has some intriguing quotes and pictures that tug at my heart.  At the castle in Germany, I make the observations that Cinderella’s castle was a reality, and wonder what dreams are a reality for me.  I make observations on friendships and relationships long past but were burned on my heart, almost forgotten amongst painful memories of loss of loved ones and the abandonment by God.  Both the picture and the scrapbook speak to a world forgotten by me, but a world I am trying to find again: a world of dreams, dreams that don’t stop at 17 years old when I kissed my first girl (it happened that late?!), or 18 when I lived in Florence or Osaka, or 20 years old when I graduated as the first college graduate in my family or 27 when I started the career that I love, or when I get married or have kids or buy my first house.

A world of dreams that is a reality.  The dream of being loved.  The dream of being held by God.  The dream of taking risks because I want to.  The dream of “home”- a place or people where I have roots.  The dream of intimacy, of trust.  Are these the dreams that get burned on our hearts and become reality?  And what is the role of God in all of this?  How does God find a way into these dreams?  That’s a good question- one to really imagine.  Oh, what D & D has already done!


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