It’s Too Cold

As a native Southern Californian I am not used to cold weather.  In fact, I do not pretend that cold weather is even fun.  I think I might if I had the right clothing but that is just not the way it is.  I have a windbreaker and a thin jacket and that is it.  If it really freezes over, I am in trouble.  No gloves and no long johns.  It really is strange.

Just as a note, it has been around the 35 degree mark, 10 degrees above or below for just about the last month no matter where I have been, whether that is Riverside CA or Abilene TX or Houston TX.  It’s too damn cold.  Cold to the bone.  So so cold.

But friends are helping me out with the gloves and stuff.  (I have good friends.  It takes a lot just to say that.  But the list goes on of good friends, many of which I never realized or accepted were good friends.)  Instead of being left in the cold I get the joy of, well, being cared for.  But it is amazing what being bundled up can do for an attitude.  Instead of being bitter like the weather I act a lot nicer.  Instead of talking about how brutal it is and complaining, I become much more calm and understanding.  And frankly my hands and feet are warmer.   Even the small provision of gloves can be a game changer for me!  So much adjustment for the Southern Californian!


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