A Little Prayer

So at church I help with a children’s bible class, and recently I was asked to be prayer partners for one of the kids.  My little guy is Steven, and a wonderful kid he is.  We got to talk for more than 30 minutes about all of the things going on in his life- all of which I could identify with in my childhood in one way or another.

He asked me to pray for his family- for his sister and his mother.  And immediately I could tell how normal it was for him to come out of a broken family and to not have his dad around.  But there was no sense of brokenness from his voice- perhaps a smidge of disappointment.  He wanted to hope he could go home to Guatemala at some point.He asked for prayer about school and about those darn TAKS tests.  He is a good and smart kid, but sometimes these tests can be overwhelming and intimidating.  They make him feel like he isn’t going to pass- which is not exactly the best way to go into a test.  And the sense of industry and initiation that his age of children seek- the TAKS test deflates those needs, and instead of being productive and making do on their own, they find their growth stifled.  It’s a sense of fear and being scared.  It was an honest request.

And of course, he asked for prayers for Valentines Day.  And I truly identified with him there.  I pray about my hopes and dreams for Valentines Day all the time, and I will be thinking about his efforts too.  Funny how those things work.  He is trying- he is becoming a young man- with all the ups and downs…and I love every bit of it.

Lord, hear his prayers.


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