Really? Bridge?

I cannot believe that I get away with this every other Friday night.  I am a 27 yo male who is very active and outgoing and extroverted.  I like getting involved and hanging out with my friends.  But bridge?

Ha!  Every other Friday night I get the opportunity to play bridge with folks from my church who are mixed in age, but mostly elderly and a couple younger people (but I still am the youngest by a good bit).  I was coaxed into playing one week and it has never been the same since.  Why would I want to spend my time like that every other week?  And really, I’m not sure, but I like most of the people there.  The conversations are fun, most usually have an interest in my work as a chaplain, and I genuinely find good loving people who I have connected with.  But I never would have expected myself to know and play bridge.

it is a chance to spend time with people and enjoy really good fellowship.  Sometimes I get a little disappointed because it is not the ideal thing for me on Friday nights- I really would prefer to be with some of my younger friends watching basketball or playing sports or just hanging out.  But this activity is fine.  The real problem I find is that I feel pressured to be there sometimes.  Pressured to pick people up, and bring others, especially my housemate who doesn’t seem to believe I would want to be anywhere but bridge on those Fridays.  I don’t like feeling that if I don’t feel that bridge is the coolest thing I could be doing, I am wrong.  I don’t like that.  Because when i feel that pressure I seem to want to not have the greatest time (but still have a good time).  But when people don’t add that pressure and don’t add those expectations, I feel great and actually feel like bridge and the fellowship are what I want to do.

All that being said, who knew that I could be a decent player at bridge.  I am learning fast.  I surprise myself some times.


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