Posted by: jmdenham | October 19, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/19/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The book The Kindness of Children, which explores the stories children tell, the power of being able to create those stories, and the magic of kids getting to act out each other’s stories.  And the underlining reality in all is that children keep the balance of good and bad stories and reflect kindness in  their storytelling.  What a great little read!
  2. Another beautiful sunny morning- it is making my week to wake up to these gorgeous cool fall mornings.
  3. The herbs that are still growing in our kitchen, giving me hope that might actually have a green thumb in me.
  4. My good neighbor David who is always looking out for my family and blessing us with food and fun.
Posted by: jmdenham | October 18, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/18/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Being done with a big presentation, and feeling like I did well on top of it.
  2. The PICU Waiting Area receptionists who are full of compassion and serve our families with such pride. They are such an encouragement!
  3. Showing off pictures of my kids, and letting others do the same with their kids.  It’s such a gift of being a parent.
  4. Doing an art therapy project with my chaplain colleagues at Texas Children’s as we continue to process the experience of the hurricane.  I loved sitting down and coloring and painting! Thanks to Child Life for organizing the project for our hospital staff and letting us/me participate! Here’s my canvas strip which stories from left to right:
Posted by: jmdenham | October 17, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/17/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Anticipation- of trips to California, of years together, of Ryan’s first day of school, of a kitchen reno, of seeing kids get better at the hospital.  Anticipation is a beautiful feeling, and one that is both life giving and life sustaining!
  2. Sunny crisp mornings- they are few in Houston but wonderful in every way.
  3. The pulmonary medical team at TCH who do amazing work with our kids and their families.
  4. The excitement of playoff sports in my city! Go Astros! Go Dynamo! Go Dodgers!
  5. Churches working together to serve its neighborhood, as our church and a Baptist church will be working together for a Halloween festival.
Posted by: jmdenham | October 16, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/16/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Elana’s very challenging message about clothing the bride of Christ (the church) with our actions.
  2. Ryan waking up this morning adamant about mac n cheese for breakfast!!! 
  3. Ryan’s growing conversational ability. It’s really, really cute!
  4. All the workers who do the landscaping and community green space care.  They do wonderful work and I’m sure rarely get thanked for it.
  5. The fall temps in Houston this week!
Posted by: jmdenham | October 14, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/14/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The great chaplains who serve our military men and women and do it with such love and compassion.
  2. The needed weekend!
  3. Twice having smores this week!
  4. Date night with Elana tonight to TopGolf.  Man my swing is out of sorts!
Posted by: jmdenham | October 12, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/12/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. A great new student for CPE who I enjoyed spending a lot of time with today.  It can be exhausting to have someone shadowing, but he is very compassionate, spiritually minded, and perceptive.  
  2. Working with Aiden on some of his homework tonight.  It was kinda fun thinking about crosswords with him!
  3. Learning patience with my kids, one small step at a time.
  4. Playoff baseball!!
  5. Watching the Dynamo win their final home game of the season!
Posted by: jmdenham | October 12, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/11/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The butterfly that landed on the hall window as I walked back to my office. Butterflies are often a reminder of gentle grace, and this one was a great reminder that God is good.
  2. The sweet mother I met on the PCU who is still grieving the loss of her own mother years ago.  What a sweet and previous mother!
  3. Going to a Dynamo game- it was their last home game but it was a thrilling game, including a Dynamo game, and lots of fun with Josh.
  4. Watching playoff baseball after the Dynamo game and getting to talk baseball strategy, detail, and watch all the little parts of baseball.  It’s cool learning from Josh as the soccer expert, but come playoff baseball, I know my way around and love showing it off!
Posted by: jmdenham | October 10, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/10/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Building a fire, as tonight I got to make a fire in my firepit for folks to enjoy s’mores.
  2. Only one more day before I am finished with all the prep work for speaking at our TCH Grand Rounds next week.  What an honor and a gift to speak to our doctors!
  3. The beautiful ocean. Just gorgeous.
Posted by: jmdenham | October 10, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/9/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. The 2 couples from church that I visited today in their hospitals, who give me courage and encouragement, while being inspiring in their honesty and humor.  I love them both very much!
  2. The graciousness of the PICU staff when I am busy or filled with projects and unable to be as present in the unit.  They are understanding and hilarious in their understanding.
  3. Elana’s encouragement of my self care and particular paying attention to my hurting body. (My lower back has been killing me and been super tight and sore)
  4. Ryan’s cute sleeping positions.

Still managed to make my daily gratitude before midnight.  Grateful for that!

Posted by: jmdenham | October 7, 2017

Morning by Morning (10/7/17)

My daily gratitude for:

  1. Hanging with Stephen Lucas and having good simple fun today.
  2. Taking a drive with little purpose but to explore.  It’s a fun activity and reminds me lovingly of my childhood and my parents!
  3. Exploring the Surfside beach and pier with Ryan and Stephen!

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